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Temple Sessions

Temple sessions for Single Adults are as follows:

 - EVENING SESSION: O'Fallon IL & St. Louis South Stakes meet the first Friday of each month for the 7pm session, with refreshments served in the cafeteria after the session.

- MORNING SESSION: St. Louis North Stake meets the second Saturday each month for the 10am session. Single Adults attending this session may choose to go to lunch after the session.

Please join us in feeling the spirit and sharing the friendship of your fellow singles from around the area.

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 Facebook: Saint Louis Area LDS Singles

 HOTLINE: 314-447-7197


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The Spring Fling

The all day Single Adult Spring Fling started at the temple.  Then some of us met up at the park right next door, Preservation Park, who knew???  It was awesome being at a park and right next door was the temple.  It reminded me of being in Nauvoo and everywhere you are you just look and the temple is right there!  Too cool, we will be using that park again! 

I did not go but one group went to the Zoo and another when to the Arch, they must of had fun because they both came back smiling and laughing. 

We ran a little late getting the Pizza dinner going; no one seemed to mind.  I think the fact that it was still daylight out effected people showing up right at 6:30.

As for the dance, it was fun!  It was not as big as we have had in the past but it was still fun.  We had folks from all the stakes show and a non-member came too.  Sad part is Brian our DJ, this will be the last dance he will be doing for us.  Anyone know a good DJ? 

Thanks Michelle for all your help getting the gym ready for the dance, I thought it look really nice!  Very springy! :) 

Now maybe next time I will remember to take some pictures! 

(UPDATE: Pictures of those that went to the Arch are posted in "Kite Flying at the Arch")

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Another fabulous Singles Conference is in the works! 

RIDING THE WAVES: Keeping Your Balance Through Life's Ups and Downs

Labor Day weekend 2017



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The St. Louis Area Single Adult Group is made up of 4 surrounding LDS Stakes and encompasses singles over 31 yrs old. We welcome anyone to attend our activities as long as Church Standards are upheld, which are: modest clothing and clean language. All divorces must be final. 

The St. Louis Area Mid-Singles Group is a group of LDS singles ranging in age from 28 to 45.  Although they are invited to attend any of the activities listed on this page there are some activities that are specific to this group.  Please visit them on Facebook at St. Louis Area Mid-Singles.


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